Friday 3rd of April 2020
9 pm > 1 am – Loop screening
Total duration: approx. 10 min

Lille Flandres Train Station
Place de la Gare
59000 Lille

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Monument video mapping

Franck Dion (France)
Sébastien Laudenbach (France)
EunJin Park, Sae Yun Jung (Germany, South Korea)

3 dreamlike mapping, created by 2 well-known names of the french animation industry who are experimenting with this art form for the first time, and a native South Korean duo of artists.
Video mapping created by Franck Dion (France), Sébastien Laudenbach (France) and EunJin Park & Sae Yun Jung (Germany, South Korea) as part of a creation residency.

Do you even have a soul?

When the lights of the train station are off, strange ghosts appear on the facade. A memory made of stone and steel where the journey of a train station and the recollection of its reconstruction merge together.

Direction: Franck Dion –
Music: Mia outarde bondon – Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones
Sound design: Franck Dion


On the first morning of the world, a blue garden blooms.
Primitive life forms, amoeba, electricity, water, wind, trees, flowers, plants, animals. Then mankind. A beautiful dream world, my dream….O Eve.
Free interpretation of a Gabriel Fauré’s melody composed in 1906 on a Charles Van Lerberghe’s libretto.

Direction: Sébastien Laudenbach

Music: Paradis (Music Gabriel Fauré – Poem de Charles Van Lerberghe)
op. 95 n°1 (1906), La chanson d’Ève
Voice: Judith Chemla

Arrangement: BAUM
Simon Dalmais, piano
Anne Gouverneur, violin
Maëva Le Berre, cello
Olivier Mellano, artistic and musical direction

Recording, editing and mixing: Jean-Baptiste Brunhes

Extract from Ici-bas – Les Mélodies de Fauré by BAUM
Album available – Sony Classical

The Girl in the Glass

One day, myself in the mirror runs away.
So I enter the mirror and run after her in order to catch me.
Will I ever reach her?
Or me?

Direction: EunJin Park –
Animation: Sae Yun Jung, EunJin Park
Sound design: Géraldine Kwik

With the support of Goethe-Institut.



Video mapping created for the Video Mapping Festival organised by Rencontres Audiovisuelles, as part of the Video Mapping European Center residencies.
With the support of the European Union (Europe is committed to the Hauts-de-France through the European Regional Development Fund), the Hauts-de-France Region, the Communauté d’Agglomération de La Porte du Hainaut, the City of Wallers-Arenberg, the DeVisu laboratory of the Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France and Arenberg Creative Mine.

With the support of SNCF Group.



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