Friday 3rd of April 2020
9 pm > 1 am – Loop screening
Duration: approx. 5 min

CCI Grand Lille (Hall of Honour)
Place du Théâtre
59000 Lille
Caution: number of people allowed to enter is limited, waiting line possible.

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Video mapping & live show

Jive Faury, Aurélie Galibourg – Compagnie Sens Dessus Dessous (France)

The Video Mapping Festival combines mapping and a choreographed circus performance for an original interactive show in the sumptuous setting of the CCI Grand Lille.
Video mapping created by the Compagnie Sens Dessus Dessous (France) as part of a creation residency.


An Ode to the meeting between the Mercury God and the Goddess of Discord.
For one night, the God of Trade, Travelers and the Guardian of the day and the night, has a meeting with the Goddess of Discord.
When the latter shows up in Mercury’s temple, something is bound to happen.
Shouldn’t we have seen black to fully appreciate colours? Shouldn’t we know about chaos to fully appreciate the beauty of the world?

Direction: Compagnie Sens Dessus Dessous –
Artistic direction: Jive Faury
Real time video mapping conception: Jive Faury
Programming assistance: Jacques Hoepffner
Performance: Jive Faury, Alain Fernandez, Aurélie Galibourg

Musical creation: Noé Faure



Video mapping created for the Video Mapping Festival organised by Rencontres Audiovisuelles, as part of the the Video Mapping European Center residencies.
With the support of the European Union (Europe is committed to the Hauts-de-France through the European Regional Development Fund), the Hauts-de-France Region, the Communauté d’Agglomération de La Porte du Hainaut, the City of Wallers-Arenberg, the DeVisu laboratory of the Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France and Arenberg Creative Mine.

With the support of CCI Grand Lille.



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