Saturday 4th of April 2020 / 4 pm
maison Folie Moulins, Lille
Free entrance

Video Mapping Awards – Programme 2

The Video Mapping Festival #3 offers a video mapping competition to reward the best productions of the year 2019.

A Jury composed of mapping professionals (artists, festival programmers, producers, researchers, etc.) will award the prizes on the evening of Saturday 4th of April 2020.

Programme duration: approx. 1h10



RE:SORB / Germany / 2019 / Monument mapping / 3 min 40

Showing: Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, Russia – 19th of September 2019 (Art Vision Classic Contest)
DUAL shows a fight between light and shadow on 5 projection surfaces. In the hypnotic middle part, the audience sinks deeper into a morphing architectural environment, fitting the surrounding architecture style of Teatralnaya Square in Moscow. At the end, light and shadow come together, just like we have to integrate our dark part into our light part to allow ourselves to grow as humans.



Filip Roca, Tigrelabart / Spain / 2019 / Monument mapping / 12 min

Showing: Sharjah Police Academy, United Arab Emirates – 6th > 16th of February 2019 (Sharjah Light Festival)
Nature conceals aesthetic treasures of a mathematical beauty that can only make us feel wonder. From the infinity of galaxies to the details of human tissue, it forms patterns of great complexity from which Mother is inspired, alluding to universal laws, order and chaos.



SUPERBIEN / France / 2019 / Immersive mapping / 4 min

Showing: Atelier des Lumières, Paris, France – 18th > 24th of October 2019 (Immersive Art Festival)
SUPERBIEN delivers an artistic vision of Siderea, an unknown force located at the edge of the Universe, in the center of the Great Attractor. This very real gravitational anomaly, beyond what our eyes and minds could imagine, is represented within a palpable and dimensioned universe, in the course of a deeply immersive story, exploring the emotion that the discovery of such a stellar phenomenon can trigger.


Colour Symphony

Jan Fabel, Erwijn Steijlen, Dirk van Poppel / The Netherlands / 2019 / Monument mapping / 6 min 30

Showing: De Witte Dame, Eindhoven, The Netherlands – 7th > 14th of November 2019 (GLOW Eindhoven 2019)
Eindhoven’s industrial heritage ‘De Witte Dame’ has a backside: large, strict and white. A mathematical, compelling structure with a lot of windows. A large piece of sheet music without the notes, challenging us to add that notes as coloured light and music. A true Colour Symphony with the lamp light of today. Music is Colour, Coulour is Music.


teamLab : A Forest Where Gods Live – earth music&ecology

teamLab / International / 2019 / Immersive mapping / 1 min 50

Showing: Mifuneyama Rakuen, Takeo Hot Springs, Japan – 12th of July > 4th of November 2019
teamLab’s project, Digitized Nature, explores how nature can become art. The concept of the project is that non-material digital technology can turn nature into art without harming it.
The works encourage the contemplation of the meaning of “Continuous Life” that has existed over many years in Mifuneyama Rakuen.



Moment Factory / France / 2019 / Monument mapping / 15 min

Showing: Notre-Dame of Reims Cathedral, Reims, France – 25th of May > 22nd of September 2019
The City of Reims entrusted Moment Factory with the creation of a sensory experience that would bring the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral to life. Regalia begins with an interactive game, followed by a projection mapping show supported by an original soundtrack that immerses the audience into the emotional atmosphere of a coronation.


Moura 2 – Digital Tale

Grandpa’s Lab Studio / Portugal / 2019 / Live show mapping / 2 min 52

Showing: Municipal library, Chaves, Portugal – 27th of July 2019
The project is a multimedia show joining fireworks, contemporary dance, and projection mapping on the municipal library of Chaves, Portugal.
Our multifaceted team of digital artists and choreographers collected the digital content, letters, and documents from the library collection to find characters and stories that made the history of the city.



 / Germany / 2019 / Monument mapping / 2 min 55

Showing: Sts. Peter and Paul’s Cathedral Basilica, Pécs, Hungary – 27th > 30th of June 2019 (Zsolnay Light Festival)
10 quotes of Pope Francis regarding climate change as a speed-reading message to underline the importance of our behaviour marries a site-specific architectural sensitive audiovisual tornado.



Cindy Lo / France / 2019 / Monument mapping / 3 min 30

Showing: Place des Vosges, Épinal, France – 20th & 21st of September 2019 (Fête des Images)
An ode to nature in eternal rebirth.



OCUBO / Portugal / 2019 / Interactive objects mapping / 5 min

Showing: Botania, Joensuu University Botanic Garden, Finland – 11th > 13th of October 2019 (Visual Festival)
C-ACT-US is an interactive work in which the physical characteristics of the cactus are dynamically highlighted. Inspired by the concept of animism, contrasts of colour, light and movement are created through the mapping of the organic geometry of plants and their surroundings, with which the public interacts through hands gestures.



Simon Lazarus / France / 2019 / Monument mapping / 2 min 30

Showing: Jean Moulin High School, Lyon, France – 5th > 8th of December 2019 (Lyon Festival of Lights)
Here, the building becomes the theater of an alternative history of cosmogony. Written and recited by Lætitia Troussel, and sound designed by Joséphine Hurtu, the artwork narrates a cosmic romance by sampling visual codes from printmaking, minimalist painting, kinetic art and primitive video games.


Le Sacre du Tympan

Yann Nguema / France / 2019 / Monument mapping / 8 min 30

Showing: La Rochelle City Hall, France – 6th of December 2019 (Inauguration of the City Hall)
This project relies on the 6 years it took to renovate the building, a time during which it was hidden behind scaffolding. The building of a new imaginary portail in its center is used as a guiding thread through the project. A dozen of paintings follow one another, marked by strong references to marine iconography and natural elements.



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